Corporate terminology

Terminology work – why?

Technical and scientific progress have led to an increase in the volume of technical terms and vocabulary. In medicine and medical technology, there is often a need for new terminology, especially because of new scientific advances, innovations, patents, new manufacturing processes, new laws and regulations in the healthcare sector, but above all because of new products. Documenting carefully researched terminology which is agreed upon with the client contributes to the efficiency, linguistic quality and consistency of texts and their translations.

Standardised corporate terminology: Advantages

Standardised, co-ordinated corporate terminology

  • assists with the uniform use of terms, from the research and development division to marketing and sales representatives
  • eases communication with internal and external clients
  • reduces complexity when creating texts
  • leads to cost savings and boosts quality of translations when terminology lists are included with jobs
  • reduces internal and external enquiries, such as in customer Service
  • increases legal certainty
  • guarantees a consistent external image with regards to corporate language

You too can standardise and record your terminology

I am happy to clarify your needs with you and offer you technical solutions and suggestions for terminology management based on your documents. If desired, I can supply entries.

But perhaps you would like to start small, with a glossary.

For over 20 years I have maintained my own terminology database terminology database, in which I document the terminology I have either researched or agreed upon with my clients for the purpose and needs of my translations. Be inspired by it.