Certified translations

I offer the service of certified translations for the French, Italian and German language.

If your document is intended for an authority or other official purposes (e.g. job application, court proceedings, marriage), I can prepare a so-called certified translation as an authorised translator. The accuracy and completeness of the translation and its conformity with the source document submitted will be confirmed by me as the authorised translator by means of a stamp and signature.
The translation will be attached to the source text. As a legally authorised translator, I have to specify the type of document on which the translation is based.
Please clarify in advance what type of source text the recognising body or authority will accept. These are usually original documents or a certified copy. You would then have to submit these documents to me. If the recipient (e.g. the authority) also accepts printed scans as the source text, which are then attached to the translation, the process is significantly simplified: you can can just Email a pdf of the scanned document.