Terminology management

The terminology database of Medical Language Services

The terminology database of Medical Language Services has been compiled during more than 22 years of freelance translation work and currently contains about 7,000 entries. This is where the terminology from translation projects or terms suggested or approved by clients are documented.

Along with generating efficiencies for translations for long-term clients or in specialist subject areas, terminology work serves to ensure quality, as standardised terminology is guaranteed in accordance with the clients’ wishes.

In contrast to a terminology assignment specifically ordered by the client, in which usually the vocabulary of a specific subject area is fully investigated and standardised, my terminology database is aligned with a translator’s needs. Many terms are recorded by me selectively after extensive research, without going into the terminology of a whole subject area which is not part of a translation.

This terminology database has long since assumed features of a knowledge database, since entries may contain background information or explanations, alternatives for easy-to-understand patient language, standardized wording from EMA templates and MedDRA terminology, geographic information such as concepts of the Swiss or US healthcare system, or idiomatic phrases.

Are you inspired? I also offer terminology work to clients.

Sample entries in the terminology database of Medical Language Services

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